We are honored for many satisfied clients who have taken the time to send us their letters of thanks! We are grateful for the opportunity to share some of these with you to show the unparalleled level of service that we provide to all our treasured clients.

“Tatyana, thank you so much for all of your help and wonderful advice! I am so glad you insisted we do minor repairs prior to listing our home. Doing the repairs was very tiring, but you were absolutely right; the minor painting and freshening up really made our house sparkle. And a full price offer on day two is proof of that! You are always listening, and your professional and insightful opinion is very valuable. I’ve come to rely upon your advice! I highly recommend you to my colleagues and friends. Thank you again!”

- Katerina and Robert J.

“More than just easy to work with, Jelena took care of everything! And we mean everything! The whole process was a breeze. Jelena organized and met with inspectors, provided valuable referrals when we could not find a reliable professional; she was always going above and beyond. We always felt our best interest was her number one priority. She knows the ins and outs of the luxury real estate business and is the picture of discretion. A delight to work with!”

- Nicholas and Catherine H.

“We have a small portfolio of income properties that we’ve had for quite a few years. We are always buying here and there to add to our income generating abilities. We also sell here and there. Throughout the years we’ve worked with a number of agents, but none like Tatyana. We see the effort and the work ethic. Starting from market analysis to list a home, the pictures, the marketing strategies. The continuous monitoring and analysis of what is happening in our market and tweaking the listing to attract new buyers. Tatyana actually works to get our listings sold. And when we buy; our priorities are her priorities. She is the highest form of ‘professional’. Very grateful for everything she does for us!”

- Illana and James T.

“I have been working with Tatyana for over 20 years. Throughout my career as a semi-professional rehabber, I have done countless purchases and resales. Not only me, but all my relatives have bought and sold through Tatyana. She is honest, truly cares, and is a very good negotiator. Multiple times I was ready to agree to a purchase price but she suggested we continue negotiating and I’ve saved thousands throughout the years.”

- Alexander T.

“We heard about Jelena through our friends. They bought their first home a few years ago and were raving about getting the lowest price in the development even at the height of the market. When my fiancé and I decided to buy, we knew we needed the best negotiator to work with us. We wanted the most we can get for our money but wanted to buy below our means. Our pre-approval was for quite a bit more but we discussed our priorities with Jelena and she made sure we did not go above our goal price. She was SO nice! Never pressured us, never tried to oversell or move up our goal purchase price. The whole process was so easy and smooth. We are very grateful for her time!”

- Stacy and Michael R.

“Thank you for handling our relocation to the Cleveland! The knowledge about different neighborhoods and their strengths were so important when trying to decide the best fit for me and my family. Being completely new to the city and not knowing anything is quite intimidating but having a team of professionals that share tips on rush hour traffic, school ratings, clean groceries, restaurants and everything else is invaluable. There are many “good” suburbs with highly rated schools but it was overwhelming to choose based on online data. We felt our values, priorities and lifestyle were understood and we ended up buying in a fantastic community. Now we have the perfect home for us, a nice neighborhood with lots to do for young kids; good schools, great shopping and plenty of restaurants… Thank you for taking the time to really understand our needs.”

- Michael and Candace B.

“Jelena is a total rock star when it comes to finding the diamonds in the rough. This girl is thorough! I have been able to sell above market because of her recommendations. A very valuable asset to my team.”

- Charlie W.

“My wife and I had the opportunity to work with Tatayana as we were looking to buy our first home. It’s an exciting time but there was so much that we felt we were unprepared for. Tatayana was there every step of the way to explain what we needed to do next. She was always available to us and answered our calls immediately, making sure everything proceeded as it should with the sale. We are so happy in our new home but we know as soon as we are ready to upgrade, Tatayana will be the first person we call.”

- Alex and Susan R.