Cash for Houses

Owning a home can sometimes turn into a major financial burden. Hardship comes in many forms from a homeowner needing cash quickly, to properties needing costly repairs or remodels to houses losing value rapidly because of damage or neglect. Owning a property that requires significant financial investment can feel hopeless and lonesome. The financial toll as well as the emotional effects of the expenses can significantly affect someone’s financial situation, family dynamics and emotional health. In some situation selling the house may be the best option for the people involved.

Our investors buy houses in any condition all over the Cleveland suburbs. Our investors are interested in a variety of house conditions, ranging from outdated properties that need simple cosmetic updates to homes needing moderate repairs to severe structural issues and everything in between.

We can help in following situations:

Here at Krilova Group we work with many investors and we know which investor is looking for what product to add to their portfolio. The major advantage to you, the seller, is getting straight no-gimmic answers on a short timeline. Every investor is different and every investor has different buying criteria. We are able to connect you to the right buyer that understands your goals, has readily available cash and is ready close in as little as 7 days. Our buyers buy houses with cash in as-is condition, without any repairs, in any situation at NO COST to you. There are NO fees, NO commissions, NO costs for the seller. All costs are assumed by the buyer, including any liens, unpaid taxes, tenant evictions, repairs and/or removal of personal belongings.

Our goal is to connect you with the right cash buyer in the shortest amount of time and keep the process as confidential as possible. We understand some situations require discretion and we strive to make the selling process as easy as possible.

The Process

We will collect basic information about your situations and your house, including how quickly you need to sell and the general condition of the home. We will ask what repairs, if any, the house needs; if everything is working properly or needs to be fixed; if the home is livable or needs to be cleaned out of unwanted personal possessions. If the home is vacant or occupied and if there are any debts on the home, including creditor loans, tax liens, contractor liens or any other financial obligations you may need help with.

We will schedule an appointment to come view your house in person. Our investors have purchased properties sight-unseen so that is also a possibility but investor buyers do prefer to view the home prior to purchase. While touring the home, our buyer will determine if the home works for thier portfolio and we will present you with a written cash offer within 24-48 hours. Most of the time we are able to make an offer on the same day.

We work with many local investor buyers so we may schedule several appointments to accommodate several buyers to visit your home. On a rare occasion, the buyer may choose to consult a contractor or a professional they feel is necessary to get a specialist opinion on a particular issue. There is zero cost to you; all expenses of getting specific professionals out to the property are covered by the buyer! Most of the time one or two appointments are all that is needed to get you a fair cash offer.

If you choose to accept the offer, we are able to close as quickly as 7 days. Our buyers are reasonable and will work with you on a closing date that you need. Some sellers need several weeks to move out and some sellers need cash as quickly as possible. We can work with your schedule.

We work with a local Title Company that handles the closing process and title transfer of the house. Working with a professional title company ensures that everyone in the transaction has a piece of mind during the sale process. The title company ensures that you get your funds quickly and without any financial obligations.

Please note, because a representative from Krilova Group is a licensed realtor in the state of Ohio, we are required by law to hand you a Consumer Guide. Consumer Guide explains that we are a licensed agent and are representing the buyer and that if you wish to be represented by a real estate agent, you may hire an agent of your choice. Consumer Guide is NOT a contract and carries no obligations. By law we have to ask you to sign it but you may decline. Please find a copy of Consumer guide attached here.

We help with the following situations:

Need Cash Quickly

The most common reason for a seller wanting to sell their house fast is needing cash quickly. In a situation a seller is experiencing a hardship or an unfortunate event, our buyers are able to offer the convenience of a quick closing in as soon as 7 days. We sometimes are able to accommodate a quicker closing if necessary. Whether you need cash for medical bills, or to pay off a personal debt or for any other reason, our buyers are understanding and are ready to help with a fast sale of your house for cash.

Houses Needing Repairs

Our buyers will purchase houses in any condition. The house may need minor repairs such as holes in walls, flooring, paint or major repairs such as the roof, all mechanicals (furnace and/or air conditioner and/or water tank), windows, driveways, retaining walls or structural components. No issue is too big and we have a buyer for your situation!

Outdated Houses

If your house looks like a time capsule from the ’50s, we have a buyer! Our buyers enjoy buying houses that have not been touched in 50-70 years and transforming them to modern masterpieces. A house that has original carpeting from the last decade and wallpaper on every surface (yes even on the ceiling) are very difficult to sell on an open market. Even though the house may be functional, the work load to modernize everything inside often adds up to tens of thousands of dollars. A buyer that is obtaining a loan will typically not have adequate cash to remodel the home. We are well connected to multiple buyers looking for outdated homes and are able to close quickly.


Sometimes marriages do not work out and need to dissipated quickly. Divorcing individuals often want to sell their mutually owned house quickly and painlessly. A conventional sale on an open market is not always ‘right’ in every situation. Selling to an owner-occupant is difficult in a sense that owner-occupant will request inspections and repairs to be done, which the sellers going through a divorce do not want to do or do not wish to pay for. Aside from requested repairs, selling on an open market requires communication between the divorcing individuals which is usually unwanted and creates further emotional hurt. Selling to a cash buyer is an excellent choice and the most painless option; experienced investor-buyer will be able to make an all cash offer usually on the same day as the appointment to view the property and the offer will not be subject to inspections or appraisal. Please note, both spouses owning the property will be required to accept the offer and sign title transfer paperwork, including a spouse that is not included on county records.

Inherited Home

Unwanted inherited houses are very common in the suburbs of Cleveland. If you inherited a house and you have no desire to keep it up or make it ‘market ready’, we have buyers that will pay cash for the house and will take on all repairs, outstanding debts and/or removal of any unwanted personal possessions. Inherited houses may be in good, livable condition needing minor updates, and sometimes the houses need significant repairs due to damage from the occupant being unable to keep it up. We understand the emotional decision of trying to sell a family home and we want to help in any way that we can.


Urgent relocation due to a new job, or a family situation may warrant a fast sale of your house. Our buyers will purchase turn-key houses that do not need any repairs or houses that need significant updates and repairs. In a situation where the seller needs to relocate quickly to another city, state or even country, we are able to accommodate a cash transaction with fast closing and title transfer for the seller to be able to move quickly to their new destination.


In a situation where foreclosure is eminent or if a homeowner received a notice of default, our buyers may step in and buy the property from the homeowner allowing the homeowner to pay off their loan debt and avoid foreclosure. A foreclosure on a persons credit history may affect the individual for many years (some say around 7 years) resulting in difficulty getting housing and higher rates and worse credit terms on financed purchases such as a car. In some instances, an individual with a foreclosure on their credit history will not qualify to purchase a new home for many years.

Tenants Needing Eviction

Our buyers purchase tenant occupied properties all the time, in any condition, including houses that are occupied at time of purchase by a tenant that is not meeting their lease requirements and in some instances is not paying their rent. Our investor will purchase a tenant occupied house, and will handle the eviction process as well as any necessary repairs after closing and title transfer. In some cases, our buyers will purchase a house sight-unseen if the tenant is very difficult to deal with and does not allow an appointment to view the home’s interior.

Code Violations or Point of Sale Violations

Some cities in Cleveland area suburbs have Point of Sale Inspections. These point -of-sale city inspections are mandatory and every house changing ownership in a specific city has to have a city appointed inspector come to the house and inspect the property (inside and outside) for code violations. If inspector finds any violations (and most of the time they do find quite a few violations), the seller has to fix or correct said violations prior to the property selling. Our investor-buyers understand that some homeowners are not able to fix certain violations due to cost or extent of a specific issue and will negotiate with the city to ‘assume’ the violations and hold specified dollar amount in an escrow account until the violations are fixed. Seller does not have to worry about fixing anything or ‘freezing’ any cash in an escrow account at closing and title transfer. Seller can sell their house quickly and headache-free for cash.

Construction Problems

Our investor-buyers pay cash so problems with construction, whether it is incomplete, or done incorrectly are not an issue. The property can be in any condition – gutted or partially completed, it can be missing important components such as electrical wiring or plumbing. Our buyers will consider houses that were built incorrectly and require re-building certain components of the house. Small or big problems do not scare our buyers.

Structural Issues

Structural issues are very common in the suburbs of Cleveland. The Cleveland area generally has mountainous terrain; the suburbs are full of slopes, hills and uneven surfaces. With time, ground shifts resulting in serious structural damage to house foundation. To properly fix a compromised foundation, the bill can quickly jump over $25,000 for a small 1,200 foot bungalow and the amount only goes up. Selling a house with known structural issues on an open market is very difficult as most banks will not give loans to buyers looking to purchase a home with structural defects and buyers usually do not have cash or desire to invest into a new foundation. Our investor-buyers are well versed in foundation repair and structural issues. Because our buyers pay cash, their decisions are not subject to rules and regulations of a mortgage lender, so they are able to purchase the house and transfer title quickly.

Title Problems

Sometimes title problems arise during a house sale. Most of the time it is due to an individual party not releasing their interest in the ownership of the house that is being sold. Other times, the house in question was put up as collateral with a creditor an that creditor is refusing to allow the homeowner to sell as they want to get paid for an outstanding debt. Title problems are difficult to solve, but our investors have had success securing legal representation and negotiating with the creditor and settling debt on behalf of the seller. Every situation is different and will need to be examined on case-by-case basis.

Unpaid Property Taxes or Tax Liens

Delinquent taxes are a burden to a homeowner experiencing a hardship. Our investor-buyers will assume all delinquent and unpaid property taxes and pay them off at closing. The seller does not need to worry about paying off their property taxes or penalties with the county, all debt with the county will be settled by the buyer at title transfer. Because we work with a local, licensed title company, the homeowner can sell their home with a piece of mind knowing that all debt will be settled and the homeowner will walk away without any property tax debt.

Storm Damage

Our investor buyers purchase houses in any condition with any extent of needed repairs due to storm damage. The house can need minor work such as partial roof replacement or missing siding or broken windows. The damages can be severe such as extensive water damage due to roof destruction, frozen pipes because of a break in electrical service. Our investors will buy houses for cash with any weather-related damages; hail, water, or wind damage. Sewer back-up, flooded basements, ice dams fallen trees, and the list goes on. If the damage to your house is beyond your desire to fix it yourself, we can find a buyer for your home. Our buyer will pay cash and take care of all problems and headaches of dealing with a storm dame.

Condemned Houses

Some house need major repairs, and if your city inspector or building commissioner decide the house is in a very poor condition, the city will issue a ‘Condemned House’ status. The condemned status means the government decided that the house is a safety hazard and is unfit to live in and therefore needs to be demolished at homeowners expense. Selling a house that is has been condemned is difficult. A lender does not exist that will lend buyers a mortgage for a condemned house. Selling a condemned house will only work if a buyer is an experienced investor with cash and desire to work with the city on the difficult job of lifting the condemned status. We have several brave investors that have successfully purchased condemned properties and the homeowners were very happy to avoid losing their real estate property, or worse, having to demolish it at the homeowners cost.

Association Problems

Condominium associations or small neighborhood development associations are prone to financial mismanagement and sometimes end up in situations where there are not enough reserve funds to cover necessary repairs. An example may be a condominium association that runs out of money or has a depleted reserve fund and a major repair is necessary to all units in the association such as roof replacements or defective driveways. In a multi-story building, the issues may be problems with heating source or water heaters or common areas of the building. When banks or lenders loan mortgage to a buyer looking to purchase a condominium unit, the lender always checks associations documents. If the documents show that there reserve fund does not have sufficient funds or if the documents show very high delinquency of monthly maintenance fees, the lender will decline the loan.

Unlivable Houses or Uninhabitable Houses

Cash investor-buyers are usually the only type of buyers that will consider purchasing an uninhabitable houses or apartment buildings. These houses include properties posing health and/or safety risk to the occupants and are deemed unlivable by the tenants, owner or by the government. These houses usually have severe problems that can include water damage or mold, leaking roof, peeling lead based paint, exposed asbestos, poor ventilation, absence or faulty utilities (heat or water), or any other issues that cause unhealthy living conditions. Our cash buyers have extensive experience and are able to take on an array of problems.

Pet Damage

Pet damage is fairly difficult to address. Our lovable fur-babies are cute, cuddly and truly are a man’s best friend, but sometimes they leave behind a house that needs some additional help. In more complicated cases, when a beloved pet is sick or older; or was left inside for an extended period, the pet may have relieved themselves inside the home. The process to remove the scent is fairly complicated and expensive including replacement of all floor coverings, including the actual subfloor; replacing furnace as well as the duct work, at the very least repainting all surfaces. Whether the issue is a persistent urine or feces smell or cat/dog dander or damage to the house due to chewing and scratching of the animal, we can help.

Hoarder Houses

Our investor buyers are professional, compassionate and offer full confidentiality to the seller dealing with a cluttered home or a hoarder house. We understand the complexity of selling a home with personal belongings and offer the homeowner not only discretion but also a real solution to their situation. Cleaning out personal belongings can run anywhere from $1,500+ to over $2,500. That expense is strictly to move personal possessions out and to take them away. It can potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair unseen damages that were hiding under all the ‘stuff’. Our buyers will assume the house in any condition, including all unwanted personal possessions inside the home. We offer a quick cash sale for your unwanted home with everything inside – no need to clean anything out, leave everything as-is.

Smokers Houses

Cigarette smoke is extremely difficult to get our of a property. All porous materials inside the home, including all mechanicals such as the ductwork as well as the furnace and the air conditioner will need to be replaced. Most of the time, to truly get rid of the smell, all drywall needs to be gutted and replaced. Anything that is made out of wood, will most likely absorb the smell and will need to be replaced. Our investors understand the complexity of fixing a smokers house and are willing to take on the expense. Our cash buyers will buy your smokers house as-is, and for cash.

Water Damage or Mold

Water damage of any kind can be extremely costly to repair. Whether the damage is due to a storm, or roof issues or a burst pipe, we have an investor that would be interested in purchasing your house. Our investors are not afraid of severe water damage such as soaked insulation, damaged drywall and floors, or flooded basements, or even mold. Moldy houses are very difficult to sell on an open market as mold is considered a safety hazard and lenders will generally not offer a mortgage on a house that has mold damage. Our investors are able to address any level of water damage, from a major roof leak affecting two stories of a home, to flooded basements to suspected mold due to an abandonment of a home.

Bug or Pest Infestations

Pest infestations are a common and a serious problem for a homeowner or a landlord to address. Treating for pests can be costly and most of the time several treatments are necessary. The type of pests can include bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, beetles, ants, or rodents such as mice or chipmunks. Some of these bugs or pests cause discomfort and are expensive to treat and mediate, while others like termites can cause structure damage or severe mechanical issues. In other cases small animals can because a cause of major financial losses. Raccoons are notorious for making nests in attics or chimneys; getting the animals out can cost over $10,000, depending on complexity of a situation and that dollar amount does not include the surface repairs to the affected house areas. Another common problem local to suburbs of Cleveland is Bat infestations of an attic. Removal of the a small bat colony can run in the thousands of dollars, but in addition to removal of the bats themselves, cleanup of the bat droppings (guano) can be extremely expensive. Dealing with a pest infestation or an animal problem can be very costly and does not add value to the home. Our buyer investors have dealt with many situations and are prepared to assume your problem.

Experiencing a hardship of any kind can be difficult, challenging and frightening.

A homeowner faced with an issue that requires thousands of dollars in cash to fix may feel hopeless. Owning a house or an apartment building that requires attention, time and money can be a real burden. We are here to help. We promise first and foremost CONFIDENTIALITY! There will not be a sign in your front yard, our cars are not labeled and we will bring buyers to you that understand the situation, are professional and most importantly have cash. Buyers that are compassionate and understanding. Buyers that want to help.

We promise not to waste your time or play any games. If we cannot help you, we will be upfront and if we can connect you with someone who can help, we will gladly do so!


Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our cash for houses buying process

No need to prepare. We want to make the process as easy as possible. Leave everything in its place, don’t clean, fix or repair anything. Bring the key to the front door and we will walk you through the rest of the process.

We can help! Please get in touch, we have investors that are looking for turn-key properties that they can purchase and continue renting out to existing tenants. If some properties require work we may connect you with other buyers. Lets discuss how we can help you!

No need to fix anything! Our buyers pay cash so there are no issues with any lenders or their requirements. Even if your house is missing half of the roof, we can connect you with the right buyer. Leave all repairs and headaches to our investors and walk away with cash in your pocket in as little as 7 days!

We have a buyer for your property! Depending on the condition of the property, we will connect you with the right buyer! Our buyers buy houses as-is so you don’t have to fix anything or make any improvements. Because our buyers pay cash, we can close in as little as 7 days.

We might! If the house fits our buyers criteria and budget, our investors will buy the house and address the eviction post title transfer saving you time and money.

We can certainly try! Every situation is different, and we are happy discuss details pertaining to you, but generally our investors are able to assume the delinquent property taxes and negotiate with the contractor as well as in some cases pay off your mortgage balance.

Lets get in touch and talk about what we can do for you.

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