Team Approach

A team will always out perform an individual! We have been in the business for quite a while and know that working with a strategic, well-organized team is critical to the success of every real estate transaction. Our team’s system is highly specialized, efficient, organized and well performing. Every team member knows their well defined role and maximizes productivity and customer service. We surround ourselves with only the best and have immense resources within our brokerage as well as numerous professionals, photographers, stages, marketing gurus, mortgage brokers, inspectors, insurance agents and countless contractor professionals.

Professional Photography

Today’s home buying process is very visual. Buyers’ first impression is everything, and it starts with the photos of the property.

  • We only use professional, wide-angle photography.
  • Every photo is manually enhanced for perfection.
  • Not every photographer meets this high standard, and we only hire the best.
  • The final product is ‘magazine-quality’ photos that draw the buyers to your home.

State of the art 3D tour

If the space allows, we implement the latest in 3D tour technology, allowing the buyer to virtually walk through the home. It is like having an open-house 24 hours a day. The tour increases efficiency as it results in fewer showings, but more showings that are likely to result in an offer.

Buyers that schedule an appointment to physically tour the home are essentially coming back for a ‘second’ showing. These are serious buyers that have already liked the house, the floor plan and the flow, and are coming in to confirm and fall in love with the home.

Video Tour Marketing

Video is a a new cutting-edge approach to advertise a home. You may have noticed that videos are taking over news outlet websites, blogs, YouTube and Facebook Feed. We are step-in-step with current times.

Social media gives priority to video tours; Zillow ranks homes that feature a video higher and buyers love a personalized walk-through of the home. Videos give a buyer a unique perspective of the home, its layout and floor-plan. We are YouTube and Facebook famous! And your house can be too!

Well-Written Home Descriptions

Our home descriptions are professionally-written, captivating and extravagant. We go above and beyond with our choice of words in order to highlight the best features of every home we sell.

Use of certain words and phrases results in more clicks online and even statistically higher ‘sold’ price, according to market research.

As a seller, you will benefit from this intentional and thoughtful marketing of your home.

Krilova Group Well Written Home Descriptions

Staging the Property or Virtual Staging

Complementary consultation on the most desirable design trends, most optimal furniture and art placement.

Most often we work with what the seller already has and make little changes to make the furniture and decor placement enticing, appealing to the eye and strategic when it comes to flow of the buyer’s tour.

For vacant homes, virtual staging is an option and can be quite effective.

Custom Booklet and Brochures

Flyers and booklets are professionally designed and custom printed. These are placed on the kitchen counter to be available during showings. This is a fantastic ‘take-home’ for perspective buyers, and will make your home stand out when they are making their choice.

We will also place flyers on the yard sign outside of the home. Even with all the digital exposure we give your home, sometimes there is no substitute for quality hard-copy marketing.

Maximum Internet Exposure

We will enter your home into Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and all major real estate websites including Zillow, Realtor, Howard Hanna,, Trulia, Harmon Homes and others. We implement an array of strategies to maximize your home’s exposure.

You may notice that some homes keep showing up in the top of the search results on the first pages of the major real estate sites and others get lost in the sea of listings; our marketing strategies target maximum exposure.

On Zillow’s mobile feed, us, the listing agent is listed as the point of contact – not a third party; we get a chance to interact with the buyers and entice them to schedule a tour of your home. features us, the listing agent on mobile as well as the desktop feed. When buyer requests more info, we are here to hype up the house! If we are not a featured agent, these websites send the buyers request to a realtor that knows nothing about your home and cannot answer questions, or ‘feel out’ the buyer to see what is important to them and expand on that feature to encourage a showing appointment.

Additionally, statistics show that once buyer expresses interest via “request more info” button, the likelihood of a scheduled appointment decreases as the time goes by. We have a system in place that contacts interested buyers within minutes of a request for more information.

Aggressive Social Media Marketing

Our marketing strategies implement broad social media advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. In today’s reality, majority of people (including precious buyers) choose to be on social media. We take your home to them, to the platforms of their choice. Our advertisements are strategic and targeted, often reaching 1,000+ potential buyers looking for a home.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We successfully implement pay-per click advertising online and on social media platforms driving traffic to your home’s website. Once a buyer expresses interesting in your home, this buyer will see ads for the home on unrelated websites he/she visits and on social media. This is a modern and effective way to market your home.

Targeted Top 300 Local Agent Preview E-Mail

As soon as your home is listed, a targeted e-mail is sent to top 300 local real estate agents with concise and tactical subject line drawing attention to your home. We do not send a plain “Just Listed” email notification; we strategically specify location, quick stats and price range. Agents get dozens of emails a day and most are not opened. Our emails draw agents attention who have a specific buyer need. Every agent knows their list of active buyers and what they are looking for; if our listing fits that description, we get a scheduled showing! We do not wait for these buyers to contact their agents to schedule a tour of your home; we go directly to the agent and draw their attention to you home! We use this important tool to notify of price improvements, open houses or an invite for a second look.

Mailed Advertisements

A variety of mail advertisements, from post cards to full flyers, will be mailed to neighbors, encouraging word-of-mouth promotion as well as strategic neighboring communities and housing developments predicted to ‘move-up’ or ‘downsize’. According to National Association of Realtors, every person knows two parties that will buy or sell a home (or sell and buy) in one calendar year. Neighbors love to talk about their home and their neighborhood; we get many open house visitors from ‘friends’ of the neighbors that heard about the house through word of mouth.

Tours and Open Houses

Open houses are requested by about half of our clients, with the other half declining due to privacy. If our seller chooses to hold an open house, we send a strategic mass email to our realtor colleagues, inviting them to send their eager buyers to our open house (we always honor the buyer’s agent relationship with their client). We hold a broker’s open house geared towards local agents.

We also send personal invitations to neighbors, inviting them to preview the home and invite their friends and family. Neighbors love seeing the home down the street and often know of people looking to move into the neighborhood. Statistically, each person knows two people that will buy a home in the next 12 months.

For our open houses, we maximize our reach to attract the largest number of people to the home. Aside from Saturday and Sunday open houses, in the summer, we hold Twilight open houses. These are held in the evening time, during the workweek. (All of our marketing is customized to our clients specifications and if a seller does not wish to hold public open houses, we absolutely abide!)

Online Listing Activity Report and Reverse Prospecting

We are able to track online buyer activity and provide sellers with ‘behind-the-scenes’ reports. These include data such as number of people that viewed the home ad in detail, or number of people that saved a home.

Additionally, we track number of listed homes on the market in our price range, number of showings in that price range and how many showings out of that number were on our sellers home. We can then help interpret that data to tailor the marketing strategy for the home and make it the most visible and alluring to potential buyers.

We monitor MLS data for the buyers that marked the home as a ‘favorite’ or a ‘possibility’; in these instances, we are able to ‘reverse prospect’ by contacting their real estate agent and kindly offer a showing appointment. This extra step draws the agent’s attention to their buyer and motivates them to bring the buyer to tour your home.

Detailed Feedback

Showings are set up via a professional, paid service that ensures a licensed agent is scheduling a showing on your home. In addition to the convenience of being able to reach a scheduler any time of day via phone, online or through the app, the process captures the agent’s data and provides us an opportunity to contact the agent for valuable showing feedback.

Feedback may range from general observations, price opinions, suggested improvements and other buyer feedback. Most importantly, feedback provides buyer ‘objections’ that often can be overcome and negotiated. This extra step of following up with the buyers agent has resulted in the buyer writing an offer by us overcoming buyers objections.

Market statistics say that only one to three agents will provide feedback on their showing appointments. We go the extra step and call or text-message every agent that has come through your home and request feedback. Our personal statistics raise the national feedback number to seven out of ten!

Fair Selling Commission Split

Our industry is filled with professionals of every sort. Sometimes, the listing agent offers a lower selling commission split to the buyers agent. Sometimes the seller is informed and other times, the seller has not been briefed. We always offer a fair, market standard commission split to the buyers agent.

When a real estate agent is scheduling showing appointments, they review the listing and certainly pay attention to the compensation they are offered by the listing side. If a particular home offers less then the market standard, that agent is severely less motivated to show and sell that particular house due to the pay cut.

Strategic Pricing Analysis

Our pricing analysis is a detailed, professional examination of the sold properties skillfully adjusted to reflect specific characteristics of the comparable homes as well as an analysis of currently listed homes for sale. We pay attention to size, acreage, condition, any extra amenities or necessary repairs and many other factors.

Our analysis is very thorough and is very similar to a professional appraisal. This unique ability allows us to suggest an accurate listing price, instill confidence in the buyer as well as defend value with the buyers appraiser.

Leading the Contract to Closing

Aside from marketing your home and putting it under contract with a qualified buyer, we oversee and ensure that the contract moves to title transfer.

  • Purchase Price Negotiations. – We prepare a detailed marketing analysis showing and defending our asking price and counter offer; this extra step builds confidence with the buyer and assurance that they are paying a fair price. Once your home is under contract, we work tirelessly to make sure any and all issues are resolved.
  • Home Inspections. – Inspections can be challenging, raising questions and concerns from the buyers. We do what needs to be done for the buyer to move forward with confidence – we meet with contractors, get second opinions, etc.
  • Appraisal. – Appraisals are tough; appraisers base their valuations on ‘past’, sold properties and not on current market conditions. We work hard to make sure there are no appraisal issues and if appraisal comes back, low, we know what to do to keep the buyer.
  • Buyers Loan Issues. – Thankfully these do not raise often with qualified buyers, but on the occasion an issue arises, we knock on every door and usually are able to make it work with a creative solution or another loan officer.

If there is a question, we most likely have an answer, and if we do not, we know who to ask. Sometimes, that alone can mean the difference between a house that sells and the one that does not. We pride ourselves on our solution focused attitude and have many ‘battle’ scars, priceless experience and wisdom from all kinds of situations.

Using all of the tools available to us, we ensure that your home is presented and marketed in the best possible way. From leveraging internet tools to physical, paper marketing, to networking with busy real estate agents, we draw buyers attention to your home and use our experience to sell your home quickly and effectively. What sets us apart is a solution-focused positive attitude, ambition to always learn and grow to serve our clients better, recognition of opportunity when it presents itself and a passion for customer service!


Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our house selling services

Yes and no. For you as the seller, there is no selling fee until the house is sold. There are potential expenses with getting the house into a marketable condition.

There is no financial cost to list the home in the MLS, the listing agents assume all clerical, contract paperwork consultation fees, marketing and advertising expenses. All advertising strategies either cost real dollars or cost variable amounts in hours spent. One area where a homeowner may need to spend dollars is when market statistics show that new carpet, fresh paint or other minor repairs yield a significantly higher selling price.

Most of the time, we recommend simply de-cluttering and doing a good deep-cleaning. Preparing the home for the market is very personalized; some sellers choose to rent a storage locker for extra personal possessions and proceed with new carpets, paint, re-staining kitchen cabinetry, etc. Others prefer to vacuum, dust and leave the rest as-is. Both scenarios are acceptable.

The recommendation is to list at fair market value. The reasoning is that there is a certain pool of buyers who are “in the market to buy” at a particular moment. These buyers have been looking for a while, have seen everything that is listed, are familiar with what homes are listed, in what condition and at what price. This segment of buyers is our target market – these buyers are ‘ready’, they have been looking for a while, they are familiar with market conditions and are ‘ready’ to buy. When a new home is listed on the market, there is an initial rush to see it in the first 7-14 days. Once these buyers see the home and reject it, we wait for new buyers just entering the market; these are ‘lookers’ – they just started and are not sure what they want, it may take some time to find ‘our’ buyer. Additionally, every real estate professional will confirm, while touring, buyers ask how long the house has been on the market and as soon as they hear any number over 30 days, their question is “Well, what’s wrong with it…?” and “OK, so there’s some room for negotiation, we can ask for a deep discount.”

We however pride ourselves on redefining the market values in the neighborhood. We recognize opportunities to create urgency and maximize favorable situations to our sellers advantage, we then however have to account for appraisal. In a transaction that is funded by a lender, an 3rd party appraisal must approve and justify the selling price.

Every situation is different and it is difficult to generalize an answer to this complex question. Sometimes we can reasonably ask a premium depending on condition of house, similar sold homes, current inventory and other factors; in these instances we have been successful in redefining the market and selling at the highest price in the neighborhood.

We contract with a special service that schedules buyer showing appointments. It is only available to licensed listing agents 24/7. An agent can request an appointment via phone, online or through an app to see your home on specific day, during a specific time period. This paid service verifies that the person making a request is an active, licensed agent and will only confirm the showing if you, the seller confirm the appointment.

This is a paid service that we choose to invest in. It ensures that a licensed agent is making a request, as we cannot always verify if we are on the road. You may choose to receive phone, email or text notifications to approve or decline the appointments. We however request (within reason) that the seller makes every effort to accommodate as many showings as possible for the best chance of selling.

Our marketing plan is customized to what every individual seller wants. If you wish, we can list your home in the MLS only – meaning your home will only be available for consideration to buyers working with a licensed real estate agent. If you prefer, we can omit any or all internet advertisement. There would be no sign in the yard, no print or social media advertisements…

Absolutely! Houses come in different shapes, sizes and conditions. The selling price usually reflects the necessary cosmetical or structural issues, but a home is sell-able in any condition. Depending on the extent of necessary repairs, we may target cash investors or buyers obtaining conventional financing. Majority of the time, we can get you more then what a wholesaler or a free-lance investor is willing to offer in an off-market sale.

These strategies are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We are truly committed to selling your home. Lets get in touch and talk about what we can do for you.

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