Why Ohio?

“Ohio is so underrated,” my friend said to me last week. “I didn’t know there was so much available here before I moved, but now that I live here, I really love it.” Ohio isn’t by the seashore, and it doesn’t have the mountains of the American West. But plenty of people call Ohio home, and say that this unique state is one of the best places for residents of all ages.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Ohio such a special place to live.

  • Ohio is affordable.
    While there are many places in the country where your money isn’t worth very much, Ohio isn’t one of those places. Here in Ohio, a dollar goes a long way. In fact, CNN Money and US News and World Report both recognized Ohio as one of the most affordable places to live in the United States. Dayton, Akron and Cincinnati held particular honors for being some of the top cities for affordable real estate. With a low cost of living and value in every square foot of housing, Ohio is a place where you can live well without breaking the bank.
  • Ohio offers diverse natural beauty.
    From the windswept beaches of Lake Erie to the meandering Cuyahoga River, Ohio is full of beautiful places in nature. What’s more, much of it is within a half hour of metropolitan areas and can be readily enjoyed. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is easily accessible for residents of both Cleveland and Akron, and the 33,000 acre park offers hundreds of miles of trails, babbling brooks, impressive rock formations, and tranquil lakes. In Southern Ohio, rolling hills and farmland cover the verdant countryside, with lush old growth forests and wide open fields. Hocking Hills, located south of Columbus, draws visitors with its mossy trails, hidden caves, and waterfalls.
  • Ohio is geographically convenient.
    Within Ohio, one can travel between Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus easily, reaching any other destination in Ohio in less than 4 hours. This makes it easy to do work throughout the state, or to visit other cities for a day trip. With so many things to see and do within Ohio itself, you may find that you don’t ever want to leave. But if business or visiting friends does take you out of the state, you will enjoy its close proximity to other regions throughout the country. Cleveland is less than six hours away from Chicago and Washington DC by car, and less than eight hours from New York City and many Atlantic beaches.
  • Ohio is culturally rich.
    With concert venues, museums, and historical sites, Ohio offers wide a variety of artistic and cultural experiences. Cleveland’s University Circle offers the world-class music of the Cleveland Orchestra in the iconic Severance Hall, as well as Cleveland’s renowned Botanical Gardens, Art Museum, Natural History Museum and more. A few miles west, the Playhouse Square district boasts 10 stages and attracts entertainment and theatrical acts from around the globe. In the Cuyahoga Valley, the Blossom amphitheater serves as the summer home for the Cleveland Orchestra, and also draws scores of other popular performers to play beneath the stars. And if your idea of entertainment involves more adrenaline, Sandusky’s Cedar Point amusement park sure to thrill, with some of the fastest and highest roller coasters in the country.
  • Ohio is a great place to work.
    Ohio has long distinguished itself as a place for innovation and advancement, from the Wright Brothers in Dayton to the rubber industry in Akron. Today, it is home to numerous national corporations, such as Key Bank, Proctor and Gamble, Macys and Kroger. With a low cost of living and a plethora of employment opportunities, Ohio is an ideal place to live and work.Ohio has long drawn performers, thrill seekers, businesses, and nature lovers. With its vibrant cities and beautiful countryside, Ohio is sure to offer something that draws you, too.

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